Winstrol depot injection is popular in the sports industry, this injection is not officially allowed to be used by professional athletes but normal person can use it. This steroid is effective when used in proper way. Injection works more effectively than an oral winstrol tablet.

Winstrol depot

Winstrol depot dissolves in water rather than in oil. This requires short injections when compared to any other steroids. This has to be injected frequently than other steroids. For two days it has to be injected at 50mg dosage. This steroid winstrol depot injection will not be aromatized into estrogen while other steroids do. Water retention is also not seen. This is the reason many bodybuilders use injectable stanozolol during competitions. When Winstrol depot is combined with a high protein and low calorie diet, it gives best results. Before purchasing winstrol depot, one must look at the reviews and there are many fake products in the market, so they must check it carefully. Original winstrol depot looks white, watery and milky. The winstrol depot gets separated from the fluid of injection when the liquid is left idle for long time. White layer is seen at the bottom of the glass when it rests. It mixes with the fluid again when it is shaken again. If the winstrol depot does not have these properties, then it can be returned of discarded. The risks have to be considered rather than its benefits.

Dosage and frequency

Winstrol depot must not be injected daily because of its half life. It would be expensive if it is used daily. Athletes inject this on legs, calves or shoulders, so that the scars will not appear. 2ml or 3ml injections of winstrol depot for two times a week will be enough. Proper cycle of winstrol depot will give gains without any water retention. This steroid is not fast acting. The users of winstrol depot see that they build strong solid muscles and they have balanced strength. This steroid can be used for building the real mass as well as strength. Winstrol has low androgenic properties and can be paired with other substances. Many lifters use it with Parabolan to reduce the androgenic effects. Starting dose for Winstrol cycles can be 50mg of winstrol depot and it can be stacked with Parabolan 70mg for every two days. Many athletes pair winstrol depot with Halotestin, HGH, testosterone propionate and Masteron.

Side effects of winstrol depot

People with high levels of calcium, high cholesterol, and cancer must not use winstrol depot. This steroid can cause problem in females when it is injected at more than 50mg dose. This can cause masculine features and can deepen the voice in females. This steroid is not safe for women. The other side effects include acne, high blood pressure, dark urination, vomiting, headache and joint pains. The HDL and LDL levels are altered. Male pattern baldness is also seen, along with liver damage. Male and female users must not use it more than 50mg per day and not be used for more than 6 to 8 weeks.