Weight Loss in 4 Easy Steps

It is the year 2014 and weight loss has become one of the most commonly searched topics on the internet. Due to a recent boom in interest regarding how our body works and what it needs in order to unleash its full potential, the information available online has exponentially multiplied and now offers a great variety of weight loss and general fitness methods, however one can get easily confused when being exposed to different and contradicting approaches to a fitter body. In this article I will try to summarize a few key concepts of weight which have proven to be effective.


No Diet!

One of the most common misinterpretation of losing weight is the idea that one must completely reduce the intake of food in order to burn away the calories and become slimmer. While it is generally speaking true, not giving your body the essential material in order for it to function will absolutely ruin it. Instead of not eating at all, or limiting your intake to a certain type of food and beverage (one of the most hilarious being oranges and milk), focus on what you are eating, the number of meals and the amount per meal.

oranges and milk diet

Yes Fruits and Veggies!

If you are willing to lose weight and are planning to get fit, forget about fast food and deep frozen/fried products. Your body will not find anything to make good use of, instead the garbage will make the processing even harder and remain inside you for quite some time. Now, there are countless articles written on the topic of fruits and vegetables, which cover each type along with its benefits and drawbacks. Look into that and start integrating your favorite fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. Not only will you receive a ton of vitamins, but the will also help your body process and burn the extra calories much faster.

Fruits and Veggies Diet

Workout as You Like It

When you first motivate yourself to go to the gym, you idealize the workout routine and overestimate your own willpower and discipline. Needless to say, after the first few workouts you lose interest and never show up at the gym ever again. The solution here is to exercise daily, but making sure it doesn’t seem like a routine and is actually fun. Not everyone is a gym person, and that’s perfectly fine as long as you enjoy other activities. If working out is boring, try a sport. If you prefer being outdoors in the nature, get yourself a bicycle and start cycling on the weekends. Any kind of exercise will help, as long as you are persistent.


Supplements are OK

Supplements tend to be generally frowned upon due to the popular idea that they are a gateway drug to steroids. As always, there is some truth to that, and surely there are many supplements based on toxic elements which serve no other purpose other than give you an extra energy boost (and a terrible crash the morning after), however there are also countless organic supplements and weight loss pills which will only contribute to your progress as well supply your body with the right vitamins. Once again, make sure you research well what you are looking for and stick to the rules.

weight loss Supplements

 These steps seem easy at a first glance, however keeping the momentum will require a lot of discipline, motivation and most importantly – patience. Do not expect to see the results as soon as one week, and once you do, do not stop!