Trenbolone: basics and half life

Trenbolone is the most sought after synthetic anabolic steroid of all times. It is commonly used as a supplement by most bodybuilders to prepare before a competition. It produces significant increase in the performance, muscle mass and strength. It is highly androgenic and binds three times higher than testosterone. So, this is not for beginners but for advanced bodybuilders and athletes who already are used to anabolic supplements. When a user wants to start on Trenbolone, he/she needs to get serious about the usage and should take care of the side effects.

Along with increasing muscle mass without water retention, it also helps reduce the body fat content. This is the reason it is used in both the bulking as well as the cutting cycles. This is also popular among extensive gym goers due to its fast and visible results. But the side effects of this drug are also seen easily, especially the androgenic effects.

Types of Trenbolone

There are two common types of Treni.e the acetate or the enanthate. Tren acetate is for shorter and Trenenanthate is for longer acting. And it is important to know the half-life of any supplement, as it is the factor which decides how long a supplement is active and working in the body and how should the dosage of the supplement be taken. Any supplement that has a shorter half-life should be taken in multiple doses so that its effect lasts on the system all through the day.

When it comes to the half-life of Tren, it depends on which form of Tren are we talking about. Tren acetate has a half-life of 48 hours on average whereas Trenenanthate has a half-life of 5-7 days. This means that Tren remains active in your system for a long time and for it to leave the body and for its effects to stop it takes a long time and it is based on which type of ester is consumed. And it is a given fact that the longer a drug is in the body the more chances of side effects and their severity. Tren already being a powerful anabolic steroid and having a longer half-life, make the side effects more evident. This is the reason in most of Trenbolone’s cycles it is not consumed on a daily basis and it is used along with other anabolic steroids such as testosterone.

Tren Acetate is popular because it acts faster compared to enanthate. And it is easier to stop and get it out of the system in case of any negative effects. When a builder is planning on starting on Trenbolone, he should do his homework thoroughly. He should know that this was never approved to be used in humans and was initially found for cattle. This is an animal steroid but due to its excellent results it started becoming famous among humans. The user should also be aware of its side effects and should know how to spot them in the nascent stage itself as the half-life of Tren is pretty long compared to other anabolic steroids.