Top Four Anabolic Steroids You Should Certainly Check

Most bodybuilders look forward to enhancing performance and strength, and to get that perfect set of muscles, exercise and sweating in the gym isn’t always enough. It is well known that steroids are used extensively in bodybuilding community, but if you are starting out, you have to look beyond the hype and find the right choices.  While there is a lot of information and reviews on the web, the first steps is about finding the best steroids. Steroids can be used in varied cycles, but it is important to choose the right ones. Here are some of the best known steroids in the market today.


  1. The first obvious choice is Dianabol, which is opted by many competitive bodybuilders and even regular gym enthusiasts. Meant for performance enhancement to be specific, this is great for those who have bigger hopes but want to start on a slow note. It offers the same benefits, but the side effects is something that you should consider before getting started. It also helps in increasing nitrogen in muscles.
  2. The next choice for strength improvement is Anadrol, which is known to be great for protein synthesis and can help in betteringjoint lubrication. It is also used in sync with Dianabol for the right results in a short time. Typically, stacking is done by combining the steroid, with a lower dose of Dianabol.
  3. Trenbolone is the third name that you should know about. It works by increasing the production of anabolic hormone IGF naturally in the body and also enhances the nitrogen retention, by increasing the blood cell count. Alongside basic muscle building, it also speeds up the process of healing and cell repair, which matters when you are into intensive training.
  4. When it comes to performance enhancement, DecaDurabolin is the next best choice. Unlike other steroids, which are often synthetic testosterone or its derivatives, this one is different in the molecular structure, and therefore, the side effects are limited. It is mostly taken as an injection every two to three weeks, and since it releases slowly in the body, it is tolerated by most users. In fact, this is also one of the few steroids that can be used by women in low doses.

If you are starting with steroids for faster muscle growth, take your time to understand what kind of plan would work for you. In general, age, gender, experience with steroids and overall tolerance levels are things that matter the most.