Top Bodybuilding Foods

On every road to success, there are setbacks and thoughts about quitting. Talking about bodybuilding, if your mind is not strong enough for you to endure through tough physical efforts, you will probably leave out after first try. For me personally, the biggest and strongest motivation to hold out difficulties, were the results.

Bodybuilding Foods

No matter how much pounds you can bench-press, or how many pushups can you do, without proper nutrition; your results will not be as good. Further, your body can be drained out, and in that way exercise will backfire, so instead of building up, your muscles will melt down. These are my tips on which food to intake, in order to feel and see the results faster.


At every cost, avoid junk food such as chips and other boredom killers. If you feel that your energy level has dropped, take a handful of mixture of nuts, walnuts and almonds. All of these contain healthy fat, proteins and fibers, and their benefit is multifold. They don’t tend to “stick around” and to settle down in form of fat, but are rather fast-absorbing kind of meal, so it will go straight into your muscles, building them and strengthening. Also, I have found out that carrots are great for snacks, when eating raw, for they have high level of carbohydrates which are immediately injected into your bloodstream.

Bodybuilding Snacks


For a while, eggs were considered to be unhealthy and that it will cause your blood vessels to clog, but this was just prejudice. Eggs came back with a bounce (How that looks, I wonder?), and majority of professional bodybuilders have them included in daily meals. You can make simple omelette out of whites only, for yolks are filled with fat which is not needed for you. Separate whites, add pinch of salt and a few spices, mix it up, and fry it in a pan with a bit of olive or sunflower oil. In this way, you got a meal buffed with proteins and you excluded unnecessary fat.


Some people may say that meat is not good for bodybuilding, but this statement can’t be further of the truth! Consisted of proteins, beef is among most quality types of meat. Without additional fat, it can be prepared as usual meal, baked in an oven with addition of salt, pepper and rosemary (my favorite). Proteins are stepping stone and foundation of quality muscle building, and for during workout your muscles are wearing out, they need replacement. Pay attention when buying, that meat doesn’t have fat, and that it looks healthy, for you don’t wish to get ill, right?

Bodybuilding Beef


Being lower a bit in terms of proteins than beef, fish benefits you in a different way. High quality fish fillets are brimmed with amino acids, omega complex of fatty acids and iodine. Those supplements are hard to obtain, and in addition, it tastes great. If you are skilled enough, I recommend mackerel fried on a barbecue, marinated with lemon and pepper. Be careful though, for its meat is tender and can break out easily, so you may wish to try preparing it in an oven. My aunt used to wrap it up in a tin foil, and put it in a baking plate, so all the taste and juices remained within the meat.


I guess that Popeye was right; spinach is good for our health after all. With high concentration of iron, it will benefit your bloodstream incredibly. According to the body building supplements experts from Perth, increasing overall immunity to diseases, herbs are great assets to everyday diet. Asparagus, surprisingly, is also among those beneficial ones. It will grant you with reducing the overall amount of unnecessary water in your organism. You can cook it, and with a bit of salt, you got healthy meal. Potato, especially sweet one is a great source of fast absorbing carbohydrates, which are fuel for your muscles. You need something to kick-start those, right? Bake several potatoes in an oven with herbs and salt, and you are good to go.

Bodybuilding Vegetables

So, these are my general tips on how to eat and stay fit. Feel free to explore additional tips and tricks, recipes and recommendations, and who knows, maybe you will come up with some excellent one on your own? Bon appetite!

Damian Wolf is a writer, business entrepreneur and wannabe bodybuilding champion. He loves to work out in local gym and playing tennis with his friends.