Magnesium Deficiency and Diagnostic Tests

Magnesium is required for additional that 350 different enzymes in your body. Deficiency continues to be associated with many health problems including brittle bones, bronchial asthma, PMS, hypertension, chronic fatigue syndrome, coronary disease, and diabetes. FitsOrcontractions within the calves and soles from the ft are extremely common and particularly suggestive of magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium can be found in foods for example: list and eco-friendly vegetables, legumes, seeds and chocolate. Actually chocolate cravings is a very common sign that you’ll require more magnesium.

Magnesium deficiency is very common. People don’t each enough magnesium wealthy foods for example eco-friendly leafy vegetables. Disorders from the kidneys or poor digestion may also result in magnesium deficiency. Stress causes your body to dump magnesium out with the urine. Therefore even if you’re eating a perfect diet, you might still be deficient in magnesium.

Standard bloodstream tests:

Bloodstream consists of the fluid portion (serum) and cells (red bloodstream cells, and white-colored bloodstream cells). Most occasions doctors test for magnesium they’re searching at serum levels. This is actually a really poor test. No more than 1% of magnesium is kept in bloodstream serum, which levels is extremely tightly controlled through the body. In situation of magnesium deficiency, levels will fall elsewhere, for example within the cells (intracellular) lengthy before deficiency turns up in bloodstream serum.

Therefore, you have a magnesium deficiency, but nonetheless have normal bloodstream serum magnesium levels. Actually, just the worst installments of magnesium deficiency can have in bloodstream serum.

The easiest method to test magnesium is as simple as a “Red Bloodstream Cell Magnesium.” This measures amounts of magnesium within the red bloodstream cells to represent just how much magnesium can be obtained for your cells. RBC magnesium can be obtained from standard labs for example Quest or Lab Corp, so all you need to do is ask your physician to incorporate it in your next diagnostic tests.

Alternatively, niche lab companies for example Doctors Data or Metametrix provide a Red Bloodstream Cell element test panels. These measure an entire spectrum of intracellular minerals additionally to magnesium. However, these tests commonly are not covered with insurance, and therefore are only provided by a comparatively few doctors (mostly who focus on natural or integrative health). Frequently naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, integrative doctors or any other practitioners in natural health are the most useful people to visit for this kind of advanced functional testing.