How to Get Rid of Spider and Varicose Veins – List of Do’s and Don’ts

Varicose or spider veins are caused due to changes in the level of hormones, wearing high heeled shoes, occupation, age, obesity and heat. This condition causes a lot of pain. There are several medical methods and preventative measures that are available to reduce the pain and appearance with the vein conditions.


  • Though spider and varicose veins seem to be a cosmetic concern but it can also result in certain types of acute health complications like night cramps, fatigue, itching around veins, and leg swelling.
  • Let your body engaged by performing physical activities such as cycling, walking, and swimming. This will help in boosting the blood circulation in the leg region and will reduce blood pressure and pooling.
  • It is important to maintain the right body weight that eliminates excess pressure on the legs. This leads to the building up of veins to surface.
  • By wearing compression stockings, it would greatly help in increasing pressure to the veins region. Wearing tight clothes can restrict blood flow in waist, groin and legs area. This leads to the development of spider and varicose veins.


  • Avoid sitting at one place for longer periods of time. This would avoid exertion of pressure on veins. By flexing calves every thirty minutes enhances blood flow and keep it healthy.
  • Don’t expose your legs to the high amount of heat as the heat can actually increase the swelling in the veins and result in blood pooling.
  • Don’t get treatment from a local or an inferior quality clinic. Don’t fall prey to their claims such as unique, permanent or painless, If you stay in Sherbrooke, Canada then you can find several reputed cosmetic dentistry clinics.

What leads to the occurrence of spider and varicose veins?


With increasing age, the valves in the veins tend to weaken and fail to work properly.

Medical history

Weak vein valves can increase the risk of this condition. As this problem is hereditary, if parents are suffering from this problem then it can even pass to the young ones.

Changes in the hormones

Hormonal changes can occur during pregnancy, puberty, and menopause. By consuming birth control pills that contain progesterone and estrogen, it can also contribute to the formation of spider or varicose veins.

By implementing these tips, you can easily get relief from the painful symptoms associated with spider and varicose veins.