Egg Whites – One of The Best Sources of Protein

There are many sources of protein, but not any quite as convenient as egg whites. They are easy to come by and can be purchased in bulk quite easily. This makes them a firm favourite for those who are undertaking a high protein diet. Useful for those involved in sports and bodybuilding. Here are some reasons why egg whites are so beneficial.

Stop Worrying about those Calories:

Egg Whites are astonishingly low in calories, in fact you will be probably be surprised by how few calories they do not have! One large egg white contains approximately 17 calories. This is why you see people asking for egg white omelettes on those American TV shows. It contains a whole lot less calorie than the whole egg option. As well as being a good bet calorie wise, they actually fill you up for longer and make you feel sated. You can also use egg whites to help build muscles. All of this is excellent for those trying to stick to their diets. For those who don’t enjoy splitting an egg, you can purchase egg whites from someone who has already done all of the hard work for you at places such as

Egg White1

They are Fat Free:

In addition to the obvious factor of low calories, you will find that egg whites are actually fat-free as well! What are you waiting for? Incorporating this healthy high protein food into your diet has many benefits. They are also guilt free and easy to come by. There are also many ways that they can be incorporated into your diet. From omelettes, to shakes, you can find something to enjoy. Those who partake in a lot of sport find egg whites to be an easy way to get protein into their diet as it can be taken raw in special shakes and drinks without worrying when the pasteurised versions are purchased.

egg whites2

The speedy option:

Because they are available in both a pasteurised liquid and a powder version, egg whites can be quickly incorporated into a variety of recipes. This is useful for those with busy lives and those that are constantly on the go. As the egg whites are pasteurised there are no health risks from things like salmonella. This makes egg whites hugely versatile and useful. They are an excellent option when it comes to ensuring that you have enough protein in your diet.

egg whites3

Egg whites are easy to get a hold of if you require them. So take advantage of the benefits and make egg whites a part of your regular diet. You will wonder how you missed out for so long.